The Basics

There are currently 7 different theme styles to choose from. You can customise these themes by changing the main colour, and the colour of the buttons.

Free versions of each theme are available in a limited selection of colours.
You have to register (or login to your account) to save themes, however you can preview any theme without registering.

Unlock the colour restrictions by buying a theme.  Depending on what you paid, you can save from 3 to 20 themes over the month before your account reverts back to free mode. Having a minimum of 3 saved themes allows you to correct mistakes, or try some variations without paying for more themes.

Creating a theme

  1. Select your theme by clicking on the "change theme" button or link, then click the "choose" link under the image of the theme you like. Click on the images to see a larger image.

  2. Select your colours for the main content and buttons. Click in the larger colour boxes, then use the colour picker to adjust the colour by dragging the white circle markers around. 

  3. Preview your design. Click "preview" to see how it looks. Preview shows a limited set of Ecwid content to save processing time.  If you want to preview more Ecwid content, use the "full view" button. This will take a little longer depending on the server load (normally less than 15 seconds).

  4. (optional) Set your image url in the text box. If you want to host the images your own server, and know how to do this, enter the url of the folder that will contain the hosted images here e.g. You can always change this using find/replace on the css file after you download it.

  5. Save the theme by clicking "save for free download" (or "save paid theme"). The theme will be saved, and the CSS shown for you to cut and paste into your Ecwid Control Panel as a Custom CSS Theme. Activate and Save the new theme, then refresh your shop page to see the new design applied to your shop.
    Saving a theme may take some time to process (up to 1 minute) as the server may have to generate a lot of images.

  6. (optional) Download your design using the "your free design" link (or the numbered saved design links) on the right. The download contains a zip file with the CSS and images you need. The download links will show you the CSS again whenever you need to cut and paste them into Ecwid.

  7. (optional) Deploy your design
    - Copy the images into the appropriate directory on your server. 
    Using the Ecwid control panel:
    - Cut and paste the css file contents into your Ecwid Design Settings for a Custom CSS theme.
    - Activate and save your new Ecwid CSS theme

Button images are watermarked in the previews of paid themes, but when you save the paid theme, the images used on your shop and in the downloads will be clean.

Your saved designs will be available from the links on the right as long as you keep the account. Only the most recently saved free theme is available.

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