Simplified payments for Themes and Tweak

Payments for e-shop designer services have been greatly simplified.

A paid theme now costs £14 (€20, $22) . This is more than before, but it includes full use of the Tweak service, and hosting of all the images used by your paid themes and Tweak uploads for two years. Each theme payment entitles you to save up to ten themes within a month of payment, so if the settings you chose are not quite right the first time, you have several opportunities to make adjustments; or you can simply save ten different themes and/or color combinations.

The full Tweak service now costs £10 (€14, $16) for two years. This is a significant reduction compared with the monthly or yearly subscriptions offered previously.
Note. if you think you may need to use a paid Theme as a base for your Tweaks, it is cheaper to purchase a Theme which includes the full Tweak service. 

Hosting is extended by two years for all your themes and tweaks whenever you make a purchase. And, if you simply need to continue using your themes and tweaks for more than two years, the hosting can be extended for another two years for a small payment of  £3 (€4, $5).

This means that from now on, any theme purchased includes free hosting for two years, and if you need to make small adjustments to that theme, you have full access to Tweak if you need it. The Tweak service is now much better value making it more appealing to anyone wanting to make adjustments to any Ecwid theme without the hassle of working directly with Ecwid CSS.

Hosting is on Amazon Cloudfront CDN (the same as used by Ecwid) which should be reliable and fast for all locations around the globe.

All users with any paid themes will be given full access to Tweak and hosting for 2 years for free.

Tweak subscribers will also be given full access to Tweak and hosting for 2 years for free, and their future subscription payments will be cancelled.
If in 2015, you have paid more than the new 
£10 (€14, $16) cost of Tweak, you will be refunded the difference.

The free services are unchanged. You can get free versions of all themes in a limited set of colours, and use of the Tweak service without the ability to upload your own images.

You still have the option to host the images used by themes or tweaks yourself on your own server if you wish; but with world class CDN hosting on Amazon Cloudfront free for 2 years, and just 
£3 (€4, $5) every two years after that, it's probably not worth the hassle.

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