New Ecwid Theme Designer App

Connect Ecwid Control Panel to your e-shop designer account

This new Ecwid App from e-shop designer will make your life even easier. Bring the power of e-shop designer into your Ecwid Control Panel. If you pay an Ecwid subscription*, you can instantly switch themes.

  • instantly apply a theme to your store*
  • no more cut and paste CSS*
  • manage your themes from within your Ecwid account
  • It's free

Choose a Theme.
Switch it on.
It's that simple!

Using a free Theme? Change it. See it live instantly. No CSS to copy. No Images to host on your server. Free use of Amazon Cloudfront for fast reliable delivery of the images used by your free theme.

Already have an e-shop designer account? All your saved themes will be available in the Ecwid Control Panel to select at the click of a button.

More features coming soon.

* Sorry, the theme selection feature of this App is not supported on free Ecwid accounts because it uses the Ecwid API.
You can add the App to a free Ecwid account to get integrated access to e-shop designer, but your store will not automatically use the selected theme. You will have to copy in the theme CSS manually.

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