Tweak - Applying Layout changes that are not part of the CSS

Some Tweak settings have to be manually applied to the Ecwid widgets that are used on your website. These are are not part of the CSS and include:

Shop window
  • Shop - Ecwid account and settings. Set your store id to show it in the Tweak preview. If you set a language here, you must enable and set the language default in Ecwid Control Panel: System Settings > General > Languages
  • Shop Layout - site layout 
  • Product Layout - product browser widget settings
  • Category Tabs - only applies if you use the category tabs widget. Set the type of widget you are using. The color and font settings will be applied to the widget.
  • Image Above Category Tabs - an image can be inserted above the category tab widget if you use it on your site.
  • Search Panel - includes the search panel widget above the product browser widget in the Tweak preview.

Minicart - set the minicart mode to match the way your site uses the minicart widget. Note. many Ecwid plugins for site builders do not allow you to control the minicart widget.

A sample widget script is provided in Manage > widgets example script. This can be used as a basis for embedding Ecwid into your site if you wish. Note, many site builder services do not allow Ecwid to be embedded this way, so you have to use their Ecwid plugin and whatever customisation options that has.

Localize - if you change any of the text strings here, you can get the script to embed into your site header from Manage > Localization script

Store Language - You must enable and set the language default in Ecwid Control Panel: System Settings > General > Languages

The other thing to know is that Ecwid have recently added what they call "Starter Site" (System Settings > General > Starter Site) which is a minimal view of your shop. E-shop designer does not fully support styling these starter sites because they use special code and styles that are different from the standard Ecwid widgets available for embedding on a web page. However, most of the styling will work. The main differences are the "Minicart" and "Category Tabs" which are completely different on the starter sites.

For more information, see these Ecwid help pages:

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