Tweak beta has now ended

The free Tweak beta phase ended on 31st May 2014 and all beta accounts still active have been suspended until 30th June.

Any shops that are using images in the CDN (Content Delivery Network) of a Tweak account need to take action to avoid their shops showing "expired" button images in July.

You can check your CDN usage by logging in to your profile page

If your shop is using the CDN, you should do one of the following to avoid usability issues for your shop users:
  1. Pay a Tweak subscription
  2. Download the CDN images and Host them yourself on your own server
  3. Change your Tweak CSS design to use the default Ecwid button images
  4. Change your shop CSS design to one that is not in Tweak. You can still use a free Tweak account to make changes to the theme (with some limitations).
If no action is taken by the end of June 2014, any images in your CDN that are still being used by your shop will be changed to "expired" images which look like this example button:

Your shop will still be usable, but its appearance will change.

The "expired" images will eventually be deleted completely after at least one month. When this happens, your shop may not show the button images and may become difficult to use, so it is very important to take one of the actions listed above to avoid problems for your customers. If you upgrade your Tweak account by paying a subscription while expired images are showing during July, the images will be restored back to their originals, however it may take a day or so for these to show again because of browser image caching.

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