Tweak - how to use the free plan to tweak an existing Ecwid theme

Simply add the Tweak CSS after the other CSS for your Ecwid theme.
  1. First, make sure that the theme you want to "Tweak" is enabled in your Ecwid Control Panel.
  2. Make sure no theme is selected (-none-) in Manage > use Saves Theme (this only applies if you have a paid Tweak account that you intend to revert to a free account).
  3. Set your shop ID in your Tweak account: Shop Window > Shop > Store ID
  4. You should now see your shop with its theme on your Tweak page.
  5. Make whatever adjustments you want using Tweak.
  6. Now, copy the Tweak CSS (Manage > CSS) and paste it into the Ecwid CSS, at the end of the other CSS code for your theme.
If you make more changes to the Tweak CSS, make sure you delete the old Tweak CSS at the end of your Ecwid theme before pasting in the changed Tweak CSS in again.

This method will work for any existing Ecwid theme, including the standard Ecwid themes, free e-shop designer themes and paid e-shop designer themes, but you will not be able to upload your own button images, or use the Tweak Content Delivery Network CDN unless you upgrade top a paid Tweak account. If you are using an e-shop designer theme and you do not want to host the images yourself, make sure you use the "quick test" version of the CSS.

If you purchased a Theme some time ago, and copied it into a Tweak Beta account, the original saved theme and its images may have been removed from the server because they have not been used.
If you need this theme restored so you can use it with a free Tweak account after the Beta ends, please contact me and provide your account name or email, and the following details which can be found at the top of the theme CSS (either the original Theme CSS or from the Tweak CSS).

theme, main-colour, icon-colour, lang, langs

For example, look for something like this (below) near the top of your CSS to get the values, or just cut/paste into the email.
#generated-by-eshop-designer-v1-5 {
  theme: bootstrap;
  main-colour: #A63570;
  icon-colour: #f471b6;
  buy-now-colour: #ef8dc1;
  image-url-base: url("");
  lang: en;
  langs: en;

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