Tweak - how to cancel your subscription

e-shop designer no longer uses subscriptions with recurring payments.

All purchases of Themes include the full Tweak service and hosting for 2 years.

You will be notified shortly before any service expires and given the opportunity to extend if you wish.

In most cases it will only be necessary to extend the hosting for another two years which costs £3 (€4, $5).
This will ensure that any resources (button images etc.) used by your Themes and/or Tweaks remain available to your online store.

If you need to continue using the Tweak service to make further modifications to Themes, you can pay to extend Tweak (and hosting) by another 2 years.

Any new Themes you purchase will extend Tweak and Hosting to 2 years from the new purchase date.

After your hosting expires, any images used by Themes and/or Tweaks in your account will be removed after a few weeks.

All e-shop designer accounts will remain active in "free" mode once any paid services have expired. If you want to completely delete your account, please contact us.

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