Tweak - CDN Zip Information

Tweak subscribers (not free account users) can save a copy of their CDN from their profile by clicking on "Request a CDN zip to download". After about 15 minutes you will be able to download a zip file containing all your resources.

The CDN zip contains everything you need to host the content for your tweaked Ecwid themes, but you will need to extract the appropriate images and CSS, upload the images to your own hosting environment, and edit the CSS to use your hosted images instead of those hosted in the CDN. If you are not confident doing this, I recommend you keep your Tweak account active so that your tweaks can continue using the CDN included with your account.

Structure of the Tweak CDN zip

tweaks folder - contains a folder for each tweak, and a _themes folder.

  • Each tweak folder contains
    • the Ecwid CSS for the tweak and theme if used
    • any custom images you have uploaded for the tweak
    • a local_strings...html file containig any script required to set Ecwid localization strings
    • a JSON file of the tweak settings (only used by e-shop designer)

  • The _themes folder - contains a folder for each theme you have copied into your CDN.
    Each theme folder contains
    • all the theme images,
    • the eshop_designer_hosted.css CSS which uses the images in your CDN (excludes tweaks),
    • and eshopdesigner.css CSS which references images at the url_base you specified when you created the theme (excludes tweaks).
The simplest way to host your CDN images yourself is to upload the contents of the tweaks folder to a suitable location on your server, then change all references in the CSS to point at this new location.
As an example, if you have uploaded the contents of the tweaks folder to your server in a folder at URL:
and your tweak CSS references your CDN using URLs starting like this:

Then you should edit your tweak CSS and make a global change of

Now use this edited CSS for your shop.

Here is an example of the structure of a CDN Zip showing some typical files:
├── current
│   ├── add_to_bag_v2.png
│   ├── checkout_v2.png
│   ├── continue_shopping_v2.png
│   ├── current.json
│   ├── local_strings_current.html
│   ├── place_order_v2.png
│   ├── tick_v1.png
│   └── tweak_current.css
├── my_shop
│   ├── checkout_v1.png
│   ├── continue_shopping_v2.png
│   ├── my_shop.json
│   ├── local_strings_my_shop.html
│   ├── place_order_v2.png
│   └── tweak_my_shop.css
└── _themes
    ├── blue
    │   ├── bootstrap_363636_addNewAddress.gif
    │   ├── bootstrap_363636_checkout_point_current.png
    │   ├── eshop_designer.css
    │   └── eshop_designer_hosted.css
    └── grey
        ├── bootstrap_666666_addNewAddress.gif
        ├── bootstrap_666666_add_to_bag.gif
        ├── eshop_designer.css
        └── eshop_designer_hosted.css

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