Tweak - Using Custom Buttons and Images

You can upload your own images to use for the minicart, four main buttons (add to bag, checkout, continue shopping and  place order), the small bag icon, and the tick.

Note. Ecwid uses a different technique to customise the "Buy Now" and "Continue" buttons - See this article.

You an can use different size minicart images, but the others have to be the standard size for now.

Standard sizes are:

minicart: 159 wide, 156 high ( dimensions may be changed. You must set the correct width and height in Tweak)
buttons: 168 wide, 39 high
bag: 37 wide, 56 high
tick: 21 square

Use double the height for the four buttons if you want the image to change when clicked. Put the "click" image in the bottom half. you can also use the same technique for the minicart image and that will change when products are dragged over it.

Upload the images by clicking on the appropriate buttons in shop window > buttons. The images will be stored in your CDN. 

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