Tweak - Using the Interface

Using the Tweak User Interface

Move the dialogues around by dragging the top or bottom borders.

Navigate around your shop as necessary to see the appropriate content for tweaking.

Customize your "tweak" editing view using the "Shop Window" dialogue and the "Shop Layout", "Product Layout" ... panels. Try to match your Ecwid widget settings and set the "Shop width" to the width of the area on your live shop page where you have included the Ecwid widgets.

You may want to capture images of the top, bottom and sides of your site and upload these so that the "tweak" view looks more like your actual shop page. You can adjust the width/height for these "frame" images to suite. This feature is useful for web design agencies who want to give their clients a preview of their shop before going live with the changes. A read-only preview link is available from "Manage" > Review URL.

Items with a re-cycle icon need saving to see the effect properly.

Most tweaks will show their effect immediately as you adjust their values. However, some do not show until saved, and a few may also affect other items until the changes are saved.

Clear any field to remove the tweak and revert back to your live shop settings.
Some items, images, or groups of items may be disabled/enabled using a leading checkbox.

Localization strings that have been changed can be reset by clicking the marker icon. Hovering over this icon shows the default text for reference.
Tip. Use your browsers page search (ctrl-f) to help find the string you are looking for.

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