Tweak - Quick Start

1. Select a saved theme to tweak (optional, full Tweak accounts only)

If you want to tweak an e-shop designer Theme you have saved, open the "Manager" and click "Tweak" for the appropriate theme in your list of saved themes.

Alternatively, select the theme by name on the "Tweak" page (Manage > Use Saved Theme and click the "use" button).

This step is optional. If you don't select a Theme, tweaks can be applied to the default Ecwid theme, or whatever Custom CSS theme you currently have active on your shop.

2. Assign your Ecwid shop ID

Grab your shop ID from the Ecwid dashboard and paste it into "Shop Window" > Shop > Store ID.

3. Tweak ...

Make any tweaks you want using the buttons on the left to open the appropriate dialogue.

See other help for more details

4. Apply the tweak to your Ecwid shop

If you have our Theme Designer App installed on Ecwid, simply select this Tweak from the Theme Designer tab in Ecwid.

If you are not using our Theme Designer App, grab the CSS from "Manage" > css, and paste it into a new Ecwid custom CSS.

5. Copy script to your site shop page (optional)

If you have changed any of the text strings (localize), grab the script and add it to the HTML for your shop page. In the image below, we are using Wordpress to do this.

6. Take a look at your new-look shop.

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